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PRESS RELEASE: WISE-Paris and Large & Associates challenge the official assessment of the risk of plutonium transports
WISE-Paris, 28 September 2004

France : the Governement “White Paper on energies” dissociates energy options from the future of the French nuclear industry
In a White Paper published on 7 November 2003, the French Government broadens options for the French energy future. It gives up the dogma of the continuation of the nuclear power, even considering a “phase-out scenario”, and delays any decision on the construction of a new reactor, EPR (European Pressurized Reactor. It thus clearly dissociates the stakes between energy strategy - for which there is no need of an EPR- and the support to a project pushed by the constructor, Framatome, for several years as “essential for the survival” of the French nuclear industry.
WISE-Paris, 9 November 2003
Download the note, in French only: "L'EPR : un choix du passé qui fermerait l'avenir" (PDF file, 9 p., 139 Ko):

POINT OF VUE: The Dangers of Fusion
WISE-Paris, London, November 2003
By Dr I. Fairlie*

Public inquiry on discharges and water withdrawals of the Cattenom power plant: Serious blanks in EDF’s request
WISE-Paris, 9 September 2003
Download the related note, in french only (PDF file, 21 p., 355 Ko)

“Transfer” of MOX production capacity from Cadarache to Marcoule: one scandal after another
The summer of 2003, which saw the ending of “commercial production” by the ATPu facility at Cadarache (France), marked a successful conclusion to the operator's blackmail tactics. On 3 September 2003, Cogema was granted what it demanded: the authorization of a transfer of production capacity from the ATPu to the Melox plant at Marcoule.
But Cogema's strategy of “fait accompli” at the ATPu continues: on 12 August 2003, probably without the French government go-ahead, and without even consulting the safety authorities, the company signed a contract to fabricate fuel assemblies based on American military plutonium at Cadarache. It now remains for the authorities to explain how this wholly exceptional operation can be justified in a facility with inadequate safety. However, the government may put a swift end to the argument: in an Order published on 9 August, it has jut extended the protection of “military secret” status to possibly all of the nuclear industry's activities.

WISE-Paris, 8 September 2003

The end of «commercial production» of the MOX plant at Cadarache, ATPu
Too risky for European fuel, but just right for US weapons plutonium?
WISE-Paris, 30 July 2003

Ireland vs. UK: international court moves aside, European Commission pushes to settle the Sellafield row
WISE-Paris, 30 June 2003, updated 3 July 2003