Year 1998

Energy in France 2010-2020


[Posted 1998]

The French Commissariat General du Plan, a prospective administrative body, has issued a new report concerning energy for France for years 2010-2020. Previous similar reports concerning the energy sector are dated 1983 and 1991. The report, which compiles the conclusions of several workgroups of expert, has benefited from governmental and non-governmental inputs. Three scenarios for energy policies have been studied, on the basis of different governmental policies for the industry or in favor of the environment. One thing is sure: nuclear energy is not thought today as very competitive. However, no decision will be made soon concerning the renewal of the French nuclear power plants, which are starting to be aging. It seems as if it is not before 2010 that the choice between further development of nuclear energy or replacing it by other sources will be made. The report recommends keeping the nuclear option open. How about focusing on energy efficiency instead?

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