Fourth quarter of 1999

The UK does not intend to return to foreign clients MOX production wastes ; UK Government Reply dated 11 November 1999 to a Question by MP Llew Smith

WISE-Paris, 17 November 1999

[Posted 17/11/1999]

Mr. Llew Smith:

To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions what quantities of plutonium contaminated waste have been created to date in the production of MOX fuel for export at Sellafield; and what arrangements exist for the storage or disposal of plutonium contaminated radioactive wastes from MOX production. [97453]

Mrs. Liddell:
I have been asked to reply.

Details of total plutonium contaminated waste arisings at Sellafield to date are provided in the 1998 UK Radioactive Waste Inventory which was published in July 1999. I understand from BNFL that, to date, around 80 200-litre drums of plutonium contaminated material can be attributed to the operation of the MOX Demonstration Facility at Sellafield. It is not possible to identify how much of this total amount is attributable to the production of MOX for export.

I understand that plutonium contaminated material at Sellafield will be compacted, and then encapsulated, prior to storage and ultimate disposal in an intermediate level waste facility. The latter will be subject to a consultation which my right hon. Friend the Minister for the Environment announced on 25 October.

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