First quarter of 2000

"Nuclear safety and the need for plutonium immobilisation alternatives"

An early day motion has been tabled in the UK House of Commons by 8 Members of Parliament about plutonium immobilisation as an alternative to MOX. It will be open for MPs to signuntil November 2000.

Motion of the UK House of Commons, submitted 25 January 2000

[Posted 01/02/2000]

That this House notes the difficulties caused by the falsification of data by BNFL in respect of recent consignments of MOX fuel; further notes the doubts cast by these events on the future of MOX fuel, as evidenced by the lack of contracts secured by BNFL for MOX; believes that BNFL should be exploring alternative plutonium immobilisation techniques other than MOX which would safeguard much needed jobs at Sellafield; and therefore urges Her Majesty's Government to initiate a fully comprehensive study into methods of plutonium immobilisation as a prerequisite to a full and open public consultation on the preferred method of plutonium immobilisation which Britain will implement and globally promote.

[Chaytor David] [Ashton Joseph] [Baker Norman] [Barnes Harry] [Best Harold] [Brake Tom] [Brand Peter] [Breed Colin] [Brinton Helen] [Browne Desmond] [Bruce Malcolm] [Cable Vincent] [Canavan Dennis]
[Clapham Michael] [Clarke Eric] [Cohen Harry] [Cook Frank] [Corbyn Jeremy] [Cotter Brian] [Cousins Jim]
[Cryer Ann] [Cunliffe Lawrence] [Davey Valerie] [Dean Janet] [Dismore Andrew] [Dobbin Jim] [Drown Julia] [Etherington Bill] [Ewing Margaret] [Fearn Ronnie] [Flynn Paul] [Foster Don] [George Andrew] [Gibson Ian] [Godman Norman A] [Hancock Mike] [Hopkins Kelvin] [Illsley Eric] [Jones Lynne] [Lepper David] [Livingstone Ken] [Livsey Richard] [Llwyd Elfyn] [Mahon Alice] [Marshall-Andrews Robert] [McCafferty Chris] [McCartney Robert] [McDonnell John] [Michie Bill] [Morgan Alasdair] [Pollard Kerry] [Prentice Gordon] [Rendel David] [Ruane Chris] [Sanders Adrian] [Sedgemore Brian] [Simpson Alan] [Skinner Dennis] [Smith Llew] [Stunell Andrew] [Taylor Matthew] [Todd Mark] [Trickett Jon] [Tyler Paul] [Walley Joan] [Wareing Robert N] [Wigley Dafydd] [Williams Betty] [Willis Phil] [Wise Audrey]

70 signatures as of 9 February 2000

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