Second quarter of 2000

Further steps in nuclear openness

The UK Ministry of Defense published the following press release signalling in particular the release of a report on a historical review on the UK plutonium production.

14 April 2000

[Posted 19/04/2000]

The Ministry of Defence has taken another step in nuclear openness today with the publication of two reports. The first report is on an historical review of UK plutonium production and the second is on arms control verification.

The Strategic Defence Review (SDR) set unprecedented levels of transparency across nuclear issues and committed the MOD to further steps in the future. Today's publications are the latest examples of implementation of the SDR.

The plutonium production review reveals a very creditable level of accuracy across the fifty years of UK nuclear weapons programme and matches comparable work by the US.

The Arms Control Verification study demonstrates our commitment to work constructively in support of our goal of the global elimination of nuclear weapons. This is an important first step and there is much work still to be done which we will be pursuing.


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