Second quarter of 2000

USA/Russia plutonium agreement

David Chaytor, MP, has put down a new "Early Day Motion" (EDM 887) in the UK House of Commons, to call upon the Government not to support the agreement and work on independent assessment of it.

Submitted 22 June 2000

[Posted 28/06/2000]

That this House is concerned about the dangerous implications of the plutonium deal agreed by Presidents Putin and Clinton on 4th June; calls upon the Government, when the matter is raised at the G8 Summit at Okinawa in Japan, not to support any financing of the agreement, which would greatly increase MOX plutonium fuel use; and further calls upon the Government to work with other G8 members on independent technical and economic assessment (including liability issues) of the USA/Russian plutonium agreement.

Signatures (6) as of 22 June 2000.

Chaytor/David (LABOUR)
Llwyd/Elfyn (PLAID CYMRU-Welsh Nationalist)
Jones/Jenny (LABOUR)
Williams/Alan W (LABOUR)
Walley/Joan (LABOUR)

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