Fourth quarter of 2000

In the series "Reactor Myths"

(to be compared with the 'Others News': "BNFL plans new nuclear power plants.")

WISE-Paris, 28 November 2000

[Posted 28/11/2000]

UK Parliament debate
Official Report, The Hansard, 8 Nov 2000: Column 378

Dr. Jack Cunningham (local Labour MP):

(...) The hon. Gentleman refers to the BNFL's plan to build two reactors at Sellafield in my constituency. I do not know where he obtained his information, but the company has no plan to build even one new nuclear power station at Sellafield--let alone two plutonium-fuelled ones. He is categorically wrong about that. The company has not even discussed potential plans to build such a station. Yesterday, I held a long discussion with the chief executive of BNFL about that myth. I have a letter from the director of the Sellafield site saying the same thing; there are no plans and there have been no discussions about plans. I hope that the hon. Gentleman will accept that his information is fundamentally wrong.

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