First quarter of 2001

Final report of International MOX Assessment (IMA) is now available on the web

29 December 2000


[Posted 04/01/2001]

The Tokyo based Citizens' Nuclear Information Center (CNIC) has made the entire text of the English version of the final report of the International MOX Assessment (IMA) available on its web-site. The report is also available in Japanese at CNIC. The English paper version as well as a French short version of the report are available at WISE-Paris for European readers. The Russian version is available at the Socio-Ecological Union in Moscow (

"Comprehensive Social Impact Assessment on MOX Use in Light Water Reactors", November 1997, the final report of IMA (335 pages), is available as a PDF file at: (355 p., 2.0 Mb)

The paper version of this report is also available at:

Members of the IMA Project:

• Project Director: Jinzaburo Takagi (Citizens' Nuclear Information Center)

• Project Assistant Director: Mycle Schneider (WISE-Paris)

• Co-researchers:
Frank Barnaby (Independent)
Ichiro Hokimoto (Kokugakuin University)
Komei Hosokawa (Saga University)
Chihiro Kamisawa (Citizens' Nuclear Information Center)
Baku Nishio (Citizens' Nuclear Information Center)
Alexander Rossnagel (University of Kassel)
Michael Sailer (Oeko-Institut)
Mycle Schneider (WISE-Paris)
Jinzaburo Takagi (Citizens' Nuclear Information Center)

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