First quarter of 2001

CRILAN request for injunction rejected on formal grounds

COGEMA wins a battle over the waste from Hanau/Germany

WISE-Paris, 21 March 2001

[Posted 22/03/2001]

The Cherbourg Court, on 21 March 2001, has rejected the request for an injunction to prevent COGEMA from importing any further shipments of storage elements of MOX scrap from Hanau in Germany (Secret Shipments and Illegal Storage). The court action was initiated by the local group CRILAN and the regional councilor Didier Anger. The request was judged "not receivable" on the grounds of a lack of certain formalities on the side of CRILAN (lack of mandate by board, missing specification for court actions in the statutes, no officially recognized association).

The judgement does not mention anything on the issue at stake and is solely concentrating on the procedural aspects of the case. CRILAN and Didier Anger have been ordered to pay FRF 20,000 to COGEMA to cover legal costs.

The case will most probably be picked up by another non-profit environmental organization - with all the necessary legal credentials...- in order to introduce the request again and achieve a judgement on the issue. Manche Nature, a regional organization will hold a General Assembly on Saturday, 24 March 2001, to decide over the appropriate mandate.

Two days later, on Monday 26 March 2001, the Appeal Court of Caen will decide on the appeal COGEMA filed against the Cherbourg Court decision (Sensational Court Ruling) to prohibit the unloading of the Australian spent fuel from the cargo Bouguenais that is still in port of Cherbourg.

Download the WISE-Paris briefing (6 March 2001, 10 p, 164 kb) (English version)
Download the WISE-Paris briefing Annexes (6 March 2001, 13 p, 370 kb) (French version only)

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