Fouth quarter of 2001

Members of the UK Parliament call on the Government to install anti-aircraft missiles at Sellafield

WISE-Paris, 13 November 2001

[Posted 13/11/2001]

Following the Irish Prime Minister's decision to launch a legal case against the UK government at the Hamburg-based International Tribunal to stop the start of MOX manufacturing at the Sellafield facility, MP Paul Flynn (Labour) introduced an Early Day Motion on 06 november 2001 in which he expresses his support and asks that "anti-aircraft missile batteries … be installed around Sellafield to provide protection from terrorist attack".

Early Day Motion n° 378 (1), posted on 07 novembre 2001, introduced by Paul Flynn, David Taylor, Andrew George, Harry Barnes, Lynne Jones et John McDonnell:

That this House agrees with the Irish Prime Minister's comment that Sellafield is a defunct military-industrial complex that is being kept on life-support by the huge write-off of British taxpayers' funds, and is a triumph of vested interest over economic reality ; and believes that nuclear reprocessing is an environmentally dangerous, economically unsustainable and industrially unnecessary activity which should be halted, that the manufacture of plutonium-based mixed oxide fuel at Sellafield should not be started, that Sellafield should be converted into a centre of excellence for the management of nuclear waste and that as a matter of urgency the air and off-shore exclusion zones around Sellafield should be extended to 50 miles, and anti-aircraft missile batteries should be installed around Sellafield to provide protection from terrorist attack.



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