First quarter of 2002

European Commissioner Confirms Discharge Data Published in the WISE-Paris Report on Sellafield and La Hague

WISE-Paris, 15 March 2002

[Posted 15/03/2002]

On 12 March 2002, Mrs. Margot Wallström, European Commissioner for the Environment told the European Parliament Assembly that the analysis of the discharge data in the WISE-Paris report on La Hague and Sellafield (1) was "found to be consistent" with data collected by Commission services in a recent report (2).

On the question by Irish MEP Nuala Ahern (Green Group), Mrs Wallström pointed out further that the "difference between the two documents lies in the fact that the Commission document simply reports discharge data whereas the WISE report presents an analysis of the impact of these discharges on human health and the environment". She added that the "so-called Marina II study" that had been launched in 2000 will be completed this coming summer and that "it will provide additional detailed information on radioactive discharges and resulting activity concentrations".


  1. Schneider, M. et al, "Possible toxic effects from the nuclear reprocessing plants at Sellafield (UK) and Cap de La Hague (France)", STOA Report, European Parliament, November 2001.
  2. Radiation Protection Report 127 (Radioactive effluents from nuclear power stations and nuclear fuel reprocessing plants in the European Union, 1995 - 1999)

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