France - Plutonium Investigation n°1

Worth Reading

"La France Nucléaire, Matières et Sites, 1997"
by Mary Byrd Davis, Published by WISE-Paris, 256 pages (in French).

"A work of reference", Le Monde Diplomatique.
"An encyclopaedic work", Politis
"A comprehensive digest of the whole French nuclear reality", Vert-Contact.

At last a reference book to identify the location of sites and the characteristics of hundreds of nuclear installations and to discover the nuclear materials (plutonium, uranium...) and the industrial processes (enrichment, MOX fuel manufacturing, reprocessing...). An indispensable tool for journalists, scientists, activists of associations, trade-unions, teachers, political and industrial representatives.
To be ordered from WISE-Paris: 120 FF + 25 FF for postal charges.

"Comprehensive Impact Assessment of the Use of MOX Fuel in Light Water Reactors"
by Jinzaburo Takagi et al., CNIC, Tokyo, 335 pages.

A team of independent specialists from Japan, Germany, France, the UK, the US and Russia have studied over a period of two years, the social impacts of the production and use of plutonium as MOX fuel in nuclear power plants. The results are fearful: increase of nuclear terrorism threat, undermining of democracies, decrease in reactor operation safety margins, serious adverse consequences for waste management, etc... This report is the conclusion of a two year research project under the direction of Jinzaburo Takagi and Mycle Schneider, respectively directors of the Citizens' Nuclear Information Center (CNIC), Tokyo, and of WISE-Paris.
To be ordered from WISE-Paris.


The "Right Livelihood Foundation" in Stockholm recently made public the names of the five recipients who will share this years's SEK 1.8 million (US$ 0.24 million) prize. The 1997 "Alternative Nobel Prize", as it is often called, was awarded in particular to Mycle Schneider and Jinzaburo Takagi "for the scientific rigour of their research and the effectiveness of their dissemination of its results, which have served to alert the world to the unparalleled dangers of plutonium to human life". The award presentation will take place in the hall of the Swedish Parliament on 8 December 1997.

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