Netherlands - Plutonium Investigation n°11

Who's Who ?
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State & Industry

The Centrale Organisatie voor Radioactief Afval NV (COVRA) is the national radioactive waste management organisation. It is partly owned by the State (10%) and mostly by private waste management companies, including both nuclear plant operators.
Postbus 202 - NL-4380 AE Vlissingen Tel: +31 113 613900
Fax: +31 113 613950

Nuclear Safety and Safeguards division
The Nuclear Safety and Safeguards division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs is the regulatory and inspection body for safety and physical protection. Postbus 19266 - NL-3501 Utrecht
Tel: +31 30 284 8990
Fax: +31 30 280 1539

Netherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN)
The Netherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN) operates the Petten High-Flux reactor, which is a reactor owned by the European Commission. ECN currently produces radioisotopes for radiotherapy.
Postbus 1 - NL - 1755 ZG Petten
Tel: +31 224 564949
Fax: +31 224 564480

The NV Elektriciteits-Produktiemaatschappij Zuid-Nederland (EPZ) is the operator of the only operating nuclear power plant in the Netherlands, the 450 MWe pressurised water reactor (PWR) at Borssele. EPZ also operates conventional thermal power plants and has a total of 3,900 MWe power generation output. Postbus 711 - NL-5600 AS Eindhoven Tel: +31 40 250 3200
Fax: +31 40 257 2200

The NV Gemeenschappelijke Kernenergiecentrale Nederland (GKN) was the operator of the Dodewaard 60 MWe boiling water reactor (BWR) which was operated from 1968 to 1997. Postbus 40 - NL-6669 ZG Dodewaard Tel: +31 488 418811
Fax: +31 488 412188

URENCO-Nederland is the Dutch part of the trilateral (Netherlands - Germany - UK) URENCO partnership company. URENCO has currently more than 10% of the world enrichment market.

Planthofsweg 77 - Postbus 158 - NL-7600 AD Almelo
Tel: +31 54 654 5454
Fax: +31 54 681 8296
Business information:

The Interfaculty Reactor Institute (IRI) of the Delft University of Technology is a 2 MWth pool reactor with a 3 MV pulsed electron-accelerator facility. The reactor is used both for theoretical as well as applied research.
Mekelweg 15 - NL-2629 JB Delft
Tel: +31 15 278 5052
Fax: +31 15 278 6422

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Opposition activities & Contact addresses

Greenpeace is very active on both the plutonium/reprocessing and the nuclear transports issues in the Netherlands. Greenpeace has organised actions highlighting safety problems of nuclear transports and has contributed to the current de-facto moratorium on spent fuel transports to France and the UK prior to reprocessing since 1994. Diederik Samsom Keizersgracht 174 1016 DW Amsterdam Tel : +31-20-523 62 57
Fax : +31-20-523 62 00

LAKA, a foundation which has collected a significant documentation on nuclear issues and WISE-Amsterdam share office and staff. LAKA/WISE-Amsterdam is planning activities against future nuclear transports, spent fuel to be sent from Borssele to La Hague in France, from Dodewaard to Sellafield in the UK, and from the Petten research reactor to the HABOG interim storage facility. [NOTE: WISE-Paris is entirely independent of WISE-Amsterdam. The original organisational link, WISE-International, has been legally dissolved.]
Postbus 59636 - NL-1040 LC Amsterdam
Tel: +31 20 612 6368
Fax: +31 20 689 2179

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