Russia - Plutonium Investigation n°12/13


Editorial: Russia-Plutonium 'Paradise Lost'

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"Managing Wastes With and Without Plutonium Separation", Brian G. Chow and Gregory S. Jones,RAND, 1999, 45 pages.
"Does Burning Weapons Plutonium Generate Hotter Waste and Consume More Repository Space?", Gregory S. Jones, Brian G. Chow and S. Rae Starr, RAND, November 1998, 20 pages.

Russia : Nuclear Superpower's Inheritage

Plutonium and Nuclear Warhead production

Nuclear Power production

Spent Fuel and Plutonium

Nuclear Reactor Exports

Plutonium accountancy and control

Nuclear Imports

Plutonium Separation

The Future

Map of Plutonium in Russia (Pdf, 60 Ko)
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