Sweden - Plutonium Investigation n°14/15


Editorial : Open Letter (excerpt) to Birgitta Dahl, Speaker of the Swedish Parliament - Paris, 7 July 1999

News !

Who's who

Worth Reading : Mike Sadnicki, Fred Barker, Gordon MacKeron, "THORP: The Case for Contract
                          Renegotiation" commissioned by Friends of the Earth, June 1999, 145 p., 10

Sweden : Secret Plutonium Past, Controversial Disposal Future

Nuclear Capacities

Plutonium Proliferation and Non-Proliferation

The History of Sweden's Waste Management Strategy

Nuclear Imports and Exports

Who Owns Whom ?

Extracts of The Nuclear Activities Act (1984:3)

New Proposals For Reprocessing

Map of Plutonium in Sweden (Pdf, 60 Ko)
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