USA - Plutonium Investigation n°17-18


Editorial: The Plutonium Industry or The Millenium Bug

News ! : Figures of the month : Plutonium stocks in the United States
             The words of the month
             What a waste : "BNFL: privatization bye, bye...?"

Who's who

Special USA: Plutonium, Pits and Politics

A Brief Modern History of Plutonium Politics in the United States

Plutonium Disposition - Milestone Developments

The PEIS on Storage and Disposition is a very detailed document

MOX - Recent Developments

Site Highlights : Savannah River Site (SRS) Plutonium Processing Program
                          Pantex and Pits
                          Rocky Flats
                          Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
                          INEEL - Idaho
                          Los Alamos
                          Yucca Mountain
                          Oak Ridge

Boxes : Questions over US-Russian Plutonium Deal
            U.S. NGOs on Plutonium Disposition
            The New Federal Agency NNSA - 'S' for 'Security' or for 'Secrecy'?
            Confusion about ARIES
            Weapons Plutonium Inventories by Nuclear Processing Plant
            Breakdown of Plutonium in the Disposition Program

Map of Plutonium in the United States (Pdf, 510 Ko)
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