France - Plutonium Investigationn°19


Editorial: The end of a myth



Reprocessing: managing the end of the contracts

Public Inquiries at La Hague — License Guaranteed

The "reprocessing-recycling" option is a clearly uneconomic choice

"The storage in France of imported radioactive wastes is forbidden..." So what?

The plutonium stocks — The growth continues

The production of MOX

Scraps from the manufacture of MOX


BOXES: Conflict over the return of vitrified waste to Belgium
               Superphenix’s setbacks continue...
               UP1 begins its costly deconstruction

Plut'Info: Figures of the month: A still rising trend
               News: Electricity companies refuse to use Russian plutonium
               Words of the month
               Worth Reading: "Economic forecast for nuclear power", by Jean-Michel Charpin,
                                          Benjamin Dessus, René Pellat. Report for France's Prime Minister.
                                          September 2000, Paris. 252 pages.

Who's who? in France

Map of Plutonium in France (160 kb)
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