Cadarache Special - Plutonium Investigation n°20


Editorial: Safety authority: paper tiger or accessory to the fact?


The MOX plant condemned: sending tremors through the plutonium industry?

The Cadarache Nuclear Studies Center (CEN)

The Cadarache production complex (CFCa)

Production of MOX at the ATPu

The ATPu and Monitoring of MOX Production

Closure of the ATPu, a Reprieve?

The industrial implications

"Flaws in safety culture" and "Failure in operating procedures" at the ATPu
               MOX Plants in the World: capacities and output at end of 2000

Plut'Info: Figures of the month: Use and management of MOX fuel in Germany (as of 31/12/1999)
               Words of the month
               Worth Reading: "The Disposition of Civil Plutonium in the UK",
                                         by Fred Barker and Mike Sadnicki, April 2001, 241 p.

Who's who? in the Cadarache Affair

Cadarache Nuclear Research Center: Seismicity and Installations (110 kb)
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