Transport Special - Plutonium Investigation n°6/7

The 1985 Nobel Peace Prize

The 1985 Nobel Peace Prize winning NGO International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) presented at a press conference in Berlin on 12 June 1998 with Mycle Schneider the chronology of the contaminated transport affair and released an interesting new opinion poll. On the following question: After the revelation of the contaminated transports, "do you think that further transports of radioactive waste are irresponsible or not?", 72% of the people responded "irresponsible" and 25% "not irresponsible". On the question of whether people support the demand for a "law on the phase-out of nuclear power and a use as far as possible of renewable energies (solar, wind, etc.)", a spectacular 76% of the people questioned agreed and only 20% refused.

Even at the beginning of the week, Der Spiegel had published an opinion poll indicating that 23% changed their mind about the use of nuclear power since the contaminated transport affair started.

One hot spot enough to reach the annual dose limit
Map of the Contamined Transport (Pdf format, 90 Ko)          

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