La France Nucléaire
(2002 edition - French version)

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Reports / Studies


  • John LARGE, Mycle SCHNEIDER,
    "Vulnerabilities and Protection of Nuclear Facilities",
    5th Irish & UK Local Authorities - Standing Conference on nuclear hazards: "Nuclear Safety and Security: Issues for Local Authorities"
    Cork, Ireland 20-21 March 2003
    Posted the 9 December 2003
    Download the presentation, File format PowerPoint (39 p., 6636 Ko):

  • Yves Marignac, Director of WISE-Paris
    Plutonium Industry in the European Market
    Presentation submitted at the Greens/EFA Conference - European Parliament - Brussels,
    "At the start of a new European electricity market:
    Threat or opportunity for sustainable energy policies?
    7 May 2003
    Download the presentation (9 p.) :
    PDF format (286 Ko)
    PowrePoint format (92 Ko)

  • John H Large, Large & Associates, Consulting Engineers, London, United Kingdom
    Mycle Schneider, World Information Service on Energy (WISE-Paris), France
    "International Terrorism - The Vulnerabilities and Protection of Nuclear Facilities"
    First presented at the Oxford Research Group Nuclear Terrorism in Britain: Risks and Realities seminar at Rhodes House, Oxford of 4 December 2002
    Download the presentation (PDF file, 88 Ko)

  • Yves Marignac,
    Presentation submitted at the seminar " Représentation de la demande d’énergie à long terme : revue critique de la méthode générale ", INESTENE, Paris, 4 juin 2002, 12 p.
    Download the presentation (PDF file, 271 Ko)
    French version

  • Mycle Schneider,
    "The threat of nuclear terrorism: from analysis to precautionary measures"
    Contribution by Mr Mycle Schneider, Director, WISE-Paris,
    "Democracies Faced with Mass Terrorism Meeting"
    An international meeting organised by Mr Pierre Lellouche, Member of Parliament, Paris,
    held at the French National Assembly, 10 December 2001.
    WISE-Paris, February 2002, 16 p. + 7 p. (diagrams)
    Report in english (PDF file, 97 Ko)
    Diagrams (PDF file, 524 Ko)

  • SCHNEIDER Mycle,
    Possible toxic effects from the nuclear rerocessing plants at Sellafield an Cap la Hague”, Conference at Bergen
    Shut down Sellafield ! Rapport fra konferansen om de radioaktive utslippene fra Sellafield”, Naturvernforbundet Hordaland, 20-21 mars 2002, Bergen, 20 p.

Papers / Articles

  • Mycle Schneider,
    The Takagi Fund for Citizen Science - An International Perspective
    Speech delivered in Tokyo, 8 October 01
    (slightly modified on 4 November 2001, published in Japanese in Sekai-Magazine, Tokyo, January 2002)

    WISE-Paris, November 2001, 4 p.
    Download the full report (PDF file, 23 Ko)
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