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"Mycle Schneider is the director of the 'Plutonium Investigation' (it is a monthly newsletter, by far the best on nuclear issues) and as the origin of the scandal gives an account of his investigation in the issue no. 6-7. Exciting! And in an irrefutable way EDF is collared for its heavy lies."

Terry Lodge
Lawyer, Toledo, Ohio, USA

"I've seen your excellent recent newsletter about the history of plutonium in the U.S., the MOX discussion therein, and checked out your remarkable website."

Martin Walter
Physician and Member of the Executive Board, IPPNW Switzerland

"The Plutonium Investigation bulletins are super good and useful for the political work and for scientific publications as quotations."

Dr. Josep Puig & Dr. Joaquim Corominas, (GCTPFNN)
Group of Scientists and Technicians for a nuclear-free future, Barcelona, Spain

"Thanks for sending your impressive 'Plutonium Investigation'. It's a serious and useful work you are doing. Thanks one more time."

Laurel Kritkausky
Project Manager, Nuclear Communities in Transition and E-TIP, Ecologia, Hanford, USA

"Thank you for providing me with information about your [...] Plutonium Investigation website. Your site is very valuable and I think that people in many countries should be able to enjoy it. Thank you again [...] for the information that WISE-Paris offers."

Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D., GNSH
President of the International Institute of Concern for Public Health, Toronto, Canada

"I appreciate receiving your excellent paper on plutonium in the US."

Pat Ortmeyer
Field Director for Nuclear Waste Issues, WAND (Women's Action for New Directions), Missoula, USA

"I appreciate these announcements about updates on your site. I also recently received a hard copy of the Jan/Feb. 2000 edition of "Plutonium Investigation" which covered plutonium issues in the United States. It's an impressive publication and I'm glad to have it."

Peter Winterberg
Assistant Director, Foreign Service, Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Cologne, Germany

"Our house - Westdeutscher Rundfunk - is, in term of size, the first radio and TV station in Germany. And so is the library and press documentation. But with all these facilities we would not be able to do the research and documentation as your magazine provides it in a precise, detailed and extraordinary reliable way."

Tony Benn
Labor MP, former Minister of Energy, UK

"Just a little note to thank you very much for sending me a copy of [Plutonium Investigation UK] which is very helpful and which I was pleased to have."

Michael Müller
Environment Speaker of the SPD Group in German Parliament, Member of the SPD Board of Directors

"Thank you very much for your excellent report on the contaminated nuclear waste transports scandal. You have done an excellent job and helped all nuclear opponents very much."

Randy Rydell
Staff member, Office of the UN Under Secretary General for Disarmament, New York, USA

"I have never seen any periodical quite like Plutonium Investigation. There are very few resources published in Europe that are available in English on this subject and Plutonium Investigation fills this void. It is professionally researched, easy to understand, timely and informative. It offers updates on plutonium programs around the world, provides useful points of contact for future research, and keeps its readers up to date on relevant events. I am delighted to receive this publication and commend it to all who seek a better understanding of the plutonium problem and who are impatient with existing solutions".

Edwin S. Lyman
Scientific Director, Nuclear Control Institute, Washington DC, USA

" Plutonium Investigation (PI) is a useful, timely and comprehensive source of information and analysis on the plutonium industry worldwide. PI provides an independent and often unique perspective on current events. For instance, a recent issue contained the best account that I've read of the contamination controversy which disrupted spent fuel shipments all over Western Europe earlier this year.
The information that can be found in PI is especially important today for analysts and activists in the US, since the Department of Energy is pursuing an unwise plan to utilize plutonium from dismantled warheads as mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel in US nuclear plants. PI is a valuable tool to demonstrate that MOX experience abroad has been considerably worse than the companies that are bidding to build a MOX plant in the US will attest." 

Eloi Glorieux
Member of the Flemish Parliament, Belgium

"Fortunately, "Plutonium Investigation" restores a little piece of democracy by filling up a part of this gap. The concise and right to the point data published in "Plutonium Investigation" is of precious value for each concerned citizen campaigning for a sustainable and peaceful nuclear free future."

Don Moniak
Program Director STAND (Serious Texans Against Nuclear Dumping), Amarillo, USA

"Plutonium Investigation" provides STAND with essential information on the entire scope of the plutonium fuel issue. The concise in-depth analyses on the European plutonium experience serves as a framework for countering the misguided efforts of the Texan plutonium lobby "Plutonium Investigation" is one of those rare publications where few words are wasted and few sentences can be overlooked. We hope to see it become a fixture in the world of nuclear publications"

Nigel Chamberlain
Regional Development Worker, Cumbria & North Lancashire, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, UK

"The Plutonium Investigation published by WISE-Paris is an invaluable information source for campaigners interested in developments in the nuclear industry world wide. Accurate and up-to-date information is imperative if we are to maintain our vigilance and make the nuclear industry accountable to the political process and international regulations. I recommend the Plutonium Investigation to all those who seek to be better informed about, and engaged in this process."

Yurika Ayukawa
WWF, International Climate Change Campaign, Tokyo, Japan

"I received your newsletter today and spent the rest of the evening reading it with excitement. It was like a documentary film about how the [contaminated transport] incident got bigger."

Dave Pyles
New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution, USA

"There is a lot of interest among nuclear activists in irradiated fuel transport here in the US. There is also a significant amount of spent fuel from countries outside the US coming back here. The "Transport Saga" could help to galvanize some action around the issue, I think, because while there has been much talk of potential accidents, there is very little thought here on the potential for contamination in normal transport. Your well written article could go a long way toward raising that issue. Since there has just been a small spark of activity around the shipments coming to California from the far east the time is right to strike with information that could fan that spark into flames".

Jean-Pierre Morichaud
Secretary, Forum Plutonium and member of the National Energy Commission of the Green Party, France

"The continuous and extended distribution of Plutonium Investigation is essential to the permanent struggle fought by Forum Plutonium and the Green Party against the all mighty French nuclear lobby".

Bruno Barrillot Director
Centre de Documentation et de Recherche sur la Paix et les Conflits, Lyon, France

"This publication fills a gap of information in French language on the problem of plutonium management and its inherent risks and dangers. There is a real lack of information on this issue in our country and we need precise and scientific data to keep us regularly alert as does Plutonium Investigation."

Paul Ingram
Oxford Research Group, UK

"I've been reading your excellent publication and it occurs to me that you might be able to help me..."

William J. Frugal
Quaker Green Concern, Editor of EarthQuaker, UK

"I have received the first two copies of Plutonium Investigation and I am impressed by their depth and readability."

John Hallam
Nuclear Campaigner, Friends of the Earth, Sydney, Australia

"I recently read your Plutonium Investigation for Japan, and I thought it was excellent."

Jenny Glover
Friends of the Earth, South Lakeland, UK

"An excellent publication."

Heidi Portmann
Local MP, Switzerland

"The information bulletin 'Plutonium Investigation France' is very good."

Miles Goldstick
Research Associate, Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden

"Your newsletter, 'Plutonium Investigation' is great! "

Stephanie Mills
Nuclear Campaign Coordinator, Greenpeace International, London, GB

"Read a copy of the Plutonium Investigation the other day, really impressive."