Sweden - Plutonium Investigation n°14/15

Extracts of The Nuclear Activities Act (1984:3)

Section 5 a

No license to build a nuclear power reactor may be issued.

Final disposal in [Sweden] of spent nuclear fuel or nuclear waste from a nuclear plant or other nuclear activities in another country is prohibited without a license. The same applies to storage which occurs pending final disposal (intermediate storage). A license may be granted only if particular reasons exist and the implementation of the programme referred to in Section 12 is not thereby impeded.

Section 12 The holder of a license to own or operate a nuclear power reactor shall, in consultation with other reactor owners, draw up or have drawn up a program for the all-round research and development work and the other measures specified in Section I0, paragraphs 2 and 3, and Section 11. The program shall contain both an overview of all measures that may be required and details of measures intended to be taken within a period of at least six years. Every three years, the program shall be sent to the Government or the authority appointed by the Government, in order to be examined and evaluated. In conjunction with this examination and evaluation, any requisite conditions may be imposed with respect to the continued research and development work.

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