Sweden - Plutonium Investigation n°14/15

May - june 1999                               Editorial

Open Letter (excerpt) to Birgitta Dahl, Speaker of the Swedish Parliament

Paris, 7 July 1999      

Honorable Madame Speaker, Dear Birgitta Dahl,

On 8 December 1997, I told you, over lunch, that the Swedish utility OKG had gone ahead with the separation of several hundred kilograms of plutonium at the UK Sellafield site. You were stunned. (...)

In the 1980s you were instrumental in putting together Sweden's spent fuel management policy based on direct storage rather than the development of a plutonium economy. When I expressed my concern to you over the OKG plan to return the plutonium in the form of MOX fuel and to use it in Swedish reactors, you told me that while the plutonium separation had happened outside the country - in a way beyond Swedish direct control - this would be quite different if OKG intended to bring the fuel back to the country. You made it very clear that you intended to make your voice being heard on the issue.
Now OKG has made a formal application into MOX fuel use at its reactor site. (...) In parallel, SVAFO AB submitted an application for the reprocessing, also at Sellafield, of 5 tons of spent fuel from the R1 reactor.

(...) A few days ago SKI made a positive recommendation to the government concerning both of the projects. (...)

The Swedish government's decision to direct the Swedish plutonium to the nuclear waste stream would be a strong signal to abandon further plutonium separation and use - where ever. (...)

Thank you for your attention to this worthy problem. I'm looking forward to your reply.
With my very best regards,

Mycle  Schneider

Note to readers of Plutonium Investigation: You can find the full text of the letter in the Our News section of Plutonium Investigation

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