Sweden - Plutonium Investigation n°14/15

Who Owns Whom ?

   Vattenfall and Sydkraft are utilities, who own a number of different electricity producing stations, of which four are nuclear: Oskarshamn, Ringhals, Barsebäck and Forsmark. Sydkraft is a privately owned company, the largest shareholders are: PreussenElektra (Germany) 27.7 %, Statkraft (Norway) 21 %, Malmo City (Sweden) 18.9 %. The rest is made up of a number of Swedish municipalities and funds.

   Vattenfall owns 100 % of Ringhals. Forsmark is owned by Forsmark Kraft Group (FKG). FKG is in turn owned to 74.5 % by Vattenfall. Barsebäck is owned by Barsebäck Kraft Grupp (BKG), BKG is owned 100 % by Sydkraft. Oskarshamn is owned by OKG, which is owned 54.5 % by Sydkraft.

   One interesting point about the Norwegian part ownership of Sydkraft is that the plutonium in the Barsebäck spent fuel is part owned by entities within the European Union -and covered fully by Euratom- and part owned by a commercial entity outside Euratom.

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