WISE-Paris report for the European Parliament
Plane crash risk

This page gathers information related to the publication of the WISE-Paris report on La Hague and Sellafield for the European Parliament and those concerning the safety of the nuclear installations regarding the plane crash risk.

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Others News

MI5 lists 350 terror targets in Britain
Al-Qaeda suicide missions prompt urgent security review
Times Online, 6 juin 2002
By Michael Evans, Defence Editor

Ali Hewson delivers her card in person to Tony Blair
BBC Online, April 26, 2002

Row erupts over Sellafield security
Guardian, 07 March 2002

Nuclear Plants Unfit to Withstand Impact of Aircraft Crashes
Nuke Info Tokyo, Jan./Feb 2002, n°87
Citizens' Nuclear Information Center (CNIC)
By Yukio Yamaguchi

Sellafield terror attack warning
War on Terrorism: Observer special (The Observer), Sunday December 16, 2001
By Ben Summerskill

Nuclear power 'not needed' to hit green targets
FT.com, October 29, 2001
By Cathy Newman, Political Correspondent

Norway takes tough line over Sellafield
Environment Daily 1087, October 23, 2001

France ready to shoot down hijacked planes
Reuters, 18 October 2001

Our News

European Commissioner Confirms Discharge Data Published in the WISE-Paris Report on Sellafield and La Hague
WISE-Paris, 15 March 2002

WISE-Paris lodges a complaint against person or persons unknown for forgery and the use of forged documents
Handling and dissemination, for defamatory purposes, of documents pertaining to the study for the European Parliament on La Hague and Sellafield
WISE-Paris, 12 March 2002

Summary and Conclusions of the STOA Report now Available in 11 Languages
WISE-Paris, 19 December 2001

The European Parliament finally publishes the study on Sellafield and La Hague commissioned by STOA to WISE-Paris
The final document was officially published on 22 November 2001 on the Parliament website as a "first contribution to the scientific debate" to be conducted by the Parliament on the "possible toxic effects" from the reprocessing plants.
WISE-Paris, 22 November 2001

Members of the UK Parliament call on the Government to install anti-aircraft missiles at Sellafield
WISE-Paris, 13 November 2001

Will the UK install anti-aircraft batteries at Sellafield ?
WISE-Paris, 8 November 2001

An order issued by the Ministry of Defense on 23 October 2001 reinforces the no-fly zone over La Hague
WISE-Paris, 30 October 2001

New WISE-Paris Analysis: Plane Crash on Sellafield could have Devastating Consequences
File in PDF format: Airliner Crash on Nuclear Facilities - The Sellafield Case (7p., 417 Ko)
WISE-Paris, 29 October 2001

Chairman of STOA Panel officialy confirms decision to publish WISE-Paris's study
WISE-Paris, 31 October 2001

The European Parliament Scientific and Technological Office Assessment publishes the WISE-Paris report on Sellafield (UK) and La Hague (F)
WISE-Paris, 25 October 2001

WISE-Paris answers COGEMA:
The consequences of the crash of an airliner on La Hague are unimaginable
WISE-Paris, 8 October 2001

La Hague Particularly Exposed to Plane Crash Risk
WISE-Paris, 27 September 2001

Available in French only

Autres News

La Hague : Bernard Cazeneuve et le préfet répondent à La Manche Libre
Droit de réponse de Mr Cazeneuve, Député-Maire de Cherbourg, et de Mr Grégoire, Préfet de La Manche, et réactions de la rédaction de La Manche Libre.
La Manche Libre, 31 mars 2002

NUCLÉAIRE : Le maire de Cherbourg saisit la justice contre l'association Wise pour dénonciation calomnieuse - Rapport de la Hague : nouvelle plainte
Le Figaro, 23 mars 2002
Par Fabrice Nodé-Langlois

Le retraitement nucléaire face à un rapport au Parlement européen
Univers-nature, 16 mars 2002

L'affaire du rapport manipulé de la Hague
Le Figaro, 12 mars 2002
Par Fabrice Nodé-Langlois

Nos News

Un “ redéploiement ” en forme de retrait pour les missiles de La Hague
WISE-Paris, le 29 Mars 2002