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Year 1998


PRESS RELEASE: WISE-Paris and Large & Associates challenge the official assessment of the risk of plutonium transports
WISE-Paris, 28 September 2004

Fourth quarter of 2003

France : the Governement “White Paper on energies” dissociates energy options from the future of the French nuclear industry
In a White Paper published on 7 November 2003, the French Government broadens options for the French energy future. It gives up the dogma of the continuation of the nuclear power, even considering a “phase-out scenario”, and delays any decision on the construction of a new reactor, EPR (European Pressurized Reactor. It thus clearly dissociates the stakes between energy strategy - for which there is no need of an EPR- and the support to a project pushed by the constructor, Framatome, for several years as “essential for the survival” of the French nuclear industry.
WISE-Paris, 9 November 2003
Download the note, in French only: "L'EPR : un choix du passé qui fermerait l'avenir" (PDF file, 9 p., 139 Ko):

POINT OF VUE: The Dangers of Fusion
WISE-Paris, London, November 2003
By Dr I. Fairlie*

Third quarter of 2003

Public inquiry on discharges and water withdrawals of the Cattenom power plant: Serious blanks in EDF’s request
WISE-Paris, 9 September 2003
Download the related note, in french only (PDF file, 21 p., 355 Ko)

“Transfer” of MOX production capacity from Cadarache to Marcoule: one scandal after another
The summer of 2003, which saw the ending of “commercial production” by the ATPu facility at Cadarache (France), marked a successful conclusion to the operator's blackmail tactics. On 3 September 2003, Cogema was granted what it demanded: the authorization of a transfer of production capacity from the ATPu to the Melox plant at Marcoule.
But Cogema's strategy of “fait accompli” at the ATPu continues: on 12 August 2003, probably without the French government go-ahead, and without even consulting the safety authorities, the company signed a contract to fabricate fuel assemblies based on American military plutonium at Cadarache. It now remains for the authorities to explain how this wholly exceptional operation can be justified in a facility with inadequate safety. However, the government may put a swift end to the argument: in an Order published on 9 August, it has jut extended the protection of “military secret” status to possibly all of the nuclear industry's activities.

WISE-Paris, 8 September 2003

The end of «commercial production» of the MOX plant at Cadarache, ATPu
Too risky for European fuel, but just right for US weapons plutonium?

WISE-Paris, 30 July 2003

Ireland vs. UK: international court moves aside, European Commission pushes to settle the Sellafield row
WISE-Paris, 30 June 2003, updated 3 July 2003

Second quarter of 2003

Ireland vs. UK on Sellafield : suspension of further proceedings
The dispute could be transferred to the European level, as the UK and the European Union asked.
WISE-Paris, 18 June 2003

Big Push For Interim Storage of Spent Fuel in Japan
On 26 June 2003, local authorities are expected to grant approval for the construction of a large spent fuel interim storage facility in the city of Mutsu, Aomori Prefecture, Japan.
WISE-Paris, 18 June 2003

After the Nuclear Referendums in Switzerland: From Explicit to De-Facto Phase-Out
WISE-Paris, 12 June 2003

Ireland takes UK to court again on Sellafield
The third legal bid of Ireland at an international court on Sellafield points out unjustified risks and presses the United Kingdom to cease operation of its plutonium complex.
WISE-Paris, 11 June 2003

En route for the 8th shipment of vitrified waste to Japan… but most of the foreign waste remains in France
With the 8th return of Japanese vitrified waste, COGEMA puts an end to the 2002 return plan delays. After this shipment, about one third of the total quantity of vitrified waste to be returned to Japan will effectively be back. This is only a small part of the total quantity of various kinds of foreign waste that is still being stored at La Hague.
WISE-Paris, 5 June 2003

First quarter of 2003

Hundreds of plutonium transports in France: a WISE-Paris report unveils this high risk activity
WISE-Paris, 21 February 2003

Enormous "plutonium gap" at Japan's Tokai plant highlights proliferation risks of reprocessing
Introduction by WISE-Paris, 29 January 2003

Fourth quarter of 2002

Whistleblower Vanunu : the parole hearing is adjourned for the second time
WISE-Paris, 1 December 2002

Switzerland “forgets” civilian separated plutonium stock abroad
WISE-Paris, 19 november 2002

US plutonium stockpile: “…certain materials were counted twice”
WISE-Paris, 19 november 2002

UK Government admits that part of separated plutonium and uranium stocks “may have to be managed as waste”
On 26 September 2002 the United Kingdom Government admitted in a written answer by to a parliamentary question that UK separated plutonium and uranium, byproducts of the reprocessing industry, “may have to be managed as waste”.
WISE-Paris, 12 November 2002

Is a German ‘energy model’ emerging?
WISE-Paris, 15 November 2002

Coalition agreement signed by the SPD and Grüne parties represented in the former and new German governments
WISE-Paris, 25 October 2002

Third shipment of vitrified waste on its way back to Switzerland
Since the referendum opposing the nuclear waste lab of Wellenberg, the fate of high level waste seems more doubtful than ever.
WISE-Paris, 18 October 2002

Nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu awaiting parole hearing after 16 years of imprisonment
WISE-Paris, 18 October 2002

Nuclear disarmament for peace: a beautiful pretext for the world nuclear industry
WISE-Paris, 17 October 2002

Broadscale fallout of Japanese BWR falsification and safety scandal
Calls for an in depth review of the nuclear policy and the cancellation of the MOX program.
See the following document in PDF format (174 Ko):
Table 1. Safety Problems in Japanese Boiling Water Reactors, and Fig. 1. Japan nuclear power plants
WISE-Paris, 11 October 2002

US NGOs Target COGEMA’s Environmental Record
A recent publication from the Safe Energy Communication Council (SECC) compiles “incidents of concern of activities involving COGEMA that jeopardize human health and the environment” (1) and cases of COGEMA unconformity with international regulations.
WISE-Paris, 8 October 2002

Third quarter of 2002

Fifth Return Shipment of Belgian High Level Waste from La Hague – Quality-Control Issue Still Pending
WISE-Paris, 26 September 2002

Kozloduy, Bulgaria: COGEMA Consultant Finds that Reprocessing Turns out 20% More Expensive than Direct Disposal
WISE-Paris, 16 September 2002

Whistleblowing turns into tornado: TEPCO’s falsification of safety records plunges Japanese nuclear industry into deep crisis
WISE-Paris, 6 September 2002

Reprocessing burden too heavy for British Energy, faced with insolvency
Labour MPs’ supported SERA urges the Government for stopping BNFL contracts

WISE-Paris, 6 September 2002

UK civilian plutonium stockpile still on the uphill
WISE-Paris, 27 August 2002

COGEMA non-suited by the highest French jurisdiction
WISE-Paris, 26 July 2002

Switzerland divided over the reprocessing question, but industry remains wary
At a time when Switzerland is politically divided over the introduction of a law banning reprocessing of irradiated fuels, the Gösgen nuclear power plant announced, on 24 May 2002, that it planned to increase its storage capacity from 600 to 1 600 fuel assemblies.
WISE-Paris, 7 July 2002

Basic Safety Requirements Jeopardize Russian International Nuclear Waste Dump Program
Russian Ministry for Atomic Energy (Minatom) program to build an international repository for foreign nuclear wastes in the Mayak area are jeopardized by a letter written by Yuriy Vishnevskiy, head of Gosatomnadzor, the federal regulatory body of Russia for nuclear and radiation safety. In this letter, the head of Russian safety authority rejects the idea of such a repository on basic safety grounds.
WISE-Paris, 27 June 2002

Second quarter of 2002

Steam Generator Tube Rupture Accident in South Korea
The fourteenth Steam Generator Tube Rupture (SGTR) accident of the nuclear history occurred on 5 April 2002 at the Uljin nuclear power plant (unit 4) in the North-Eastern part of South Korea. This rare event is potentially disastrous and can lead to significant releases of radioactivity to the environment. In this case, 45 tons of primary coolant water leaked into the secondary coolant circuit.
WISE-Paris, 27 June 2002

Shipping Parts of the US Military Plutonium Disposition Program to Europe?
WISE-Paris, 21 June 2002

South Carolina Governor’s decision to ban plutonium shipments canceled
WISE-Paris, 21 June 2002

Representative puts questions to DOE about uncertainties in the US plutonium disposition plan
WISE-Paris, 14 June 2002

The US House of Representatives approves Yucca Mountain as Final Repository – Many Uncertainties Remain
WISE-Paris, 5 June 2002

Argentina: Physicians Against the Import of Australian Spent Fuel
WISE-Paris, 4 June 2002

Japanese Governor remains doubtful over national plutonium policy
WISE-Paris, 27 May 2002

The US prepare to face new terrorist attack, but most of nuclear reactors could not withstand it
WISE-Paris, 23 May 2002

U-Turn of the US Military Plutonium Disposition Program
WISE-Paris, 13 May 2002

Statement on Yucca Mountain
By Richard A. Gephardt, Democratic Leader in the House of Representatives of the US Congress
H-204, U.S. Capitol, May 8, 2002

US radioactive remediation “accelerated” – Completion advanced from 2070 to 2035
WISE-Paris, 05 April 2002

First quarter of 2002

New Plutonium Separation Workshop Opened by COGEMA at La Hague
COGEMA’s brand new workshop is ready to reprocess MOX fuel… although it is not authorized to do so. Meanwhile, it doubles La Hague’s theoretical capacity of plutonium separation, though the operational capacity could be limited due to other workshops involved in the process.
WISE-Paris, 27 March 2002

Fallout from atmospheric nuclear weapons testing: are the French less sensitive than the Americans?
WISE-Paris, 21 March 2002

Part of plutonium and uranium stocks must be declared waste, says Advisory Committee to the UK Government
WISE-Paris, 21 March 2002

European Commissioner Confirms Discharge Data Published in the WISE-Paris Report on Sellafield and La Hague
WISE-Paris, 15 March 2002

WISE-Paris lodges a complaint against person or persons unknown for forgery and the use of forged documents
Handling and dissemination, for defamatory purposes, of documents pertaining to the study for the European Parliament on La Hague and Sellafield
WISE-Paris, 12 March 2002

New figures for plutonium stocks worldwide
WISE-Paris, 4 March 2002

Sellafield Radioactive Waste Management: A Bit of High Level = A Lot of Low Level?
WISE-Paris, 30 January 2002

The US rules out the immobilization option for plutonium from "surplus" weapons
WISE-Paris, 29 January 2002

Fourth quarter of 2001

Final End of US Plutonium Breeder Reactor Program: FFTF Shut Down
WISE-Paris, 21 December 2001

Summary and Conclusions of the STOA Report now Available in 11 Languages
WISE-Paris, 19 December 2001

US Department of Energy Nuclear Materials Unaccounted For
WISE-Paris, 17 December 2001

New shipment of vitrified residues to Japan
WISE-Paris, 3 December 2001

Outcome of Court Case Opposing Ireland and the UK over Sellafield Mox Plant Remains Open
WISE-Paris, 4 December 2001

Irish Government Presents WISE-Paris Report as "Evidence" in Case Against the UK Over the Sellafield MOX Plant
WISE-Paris, 23 November 2001

The European Parliament finally publishes the study on Sellafield and La Hague commissioned by STOA to WISE-Paris
The final document was officially published on 22 November 2001 on the Parliament website as a "first contribution to the scientific debate" to be conducted by the Parliament on the "possible toxic effects" from the reprocessing plants.
WISE-Paris, 22 November 2001

International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea holds hearing on the Irish case against the UK over MOX facility on 19-20 November 2001
WISE-Paris, 13 October 200

Members of the UK Parliament call on the Government to install anti-aircraft missiles at Sellafield
WISE-Paris, 13 November 2001

Will the UK install anti-aircraft batteries at Sellafield ?
WISE-Paris, 8 November 2001

An order issued by the Ministry of Defense on 23 October 2001 reinforces the no-fly zone over La Hague
WISE-Paris, 30 October 2001

New WISE-Paris Analysis: Plane Crash on Sellafield could have Devastating Consequences
File in PDF format: Airliner Crash on Nuclear Facilities - The Sellafield Case (7p., 417 Ko)
WISE-Paris, 29 October 2001

Chairman of STOA Panel officialy confirms decision to publish WISE-Paris's study
WISE-Paris, 31 October 2001

The European Parliament Scientific and Technological Office Assessment publishes the WISE-Paris report on Sellafield (UK) and La Hague (F)
WISE-Paris, 25 October 2001

WISE-Paris answers COGEMA:
The consequences of the crash of an airliner on La Hague are unimaginable

WISE-Paris, 8 October 2001

Third quarter of 2001

A blind re-start
The Safety authority gives the green light for the re-start of Cattenom 3
http://www.wise-paris.org/english/reports/010928BriefCAT-v1-Ang.pdf (12 pages, 97 Ko)
WISE-Paris, 28 September 2001

La Hague Particularly Exposed to Plane Crash Risk
WISE-Paris, 27 September 2001

The German scrap MOX imports case: Court decides it's competent
WISE-Paris, 19 August 2001

COGEMA - La Hague : two simultaneous breakdowns behind significant gaseous releases
WISE-Paris, 7 August 2001

Reprocessing option ruled out at Dounreay
"A first dent in the belief in the myth of reprocessing" in the UK, says MP Paul Flynn
WISE-Paris, 29 July 2001

An unexpected development: Japan's MOX program postponed for at least a year
WISE-Paris, 12 June 2001

EDF and a plant manager in the dock for failing to meet safety requirements
One-month prison sentence and a FrF500,000 fine
WISE-Paris, 27 June 2001

Australian fuel at La Hague: COGEMA under pressure from the courts
Monday 25 June 2001, a district court in Cherbourg (TGI —Tribunal de Grande Instance) has declared that ruling on importing of irradiated Australian fuel in the case between COGEMA and Greenpeace is within its jurisdiction, contrary to the opinions of the Prefect for the La Manche region and of COGEMA.
WISE-Paris, 27 June 2001

European MPs Protest German Policy on MOX Fabrication
An open letter to Jürgen Trittin German Environment Minister
WISE-Paris, 9 July 2001

Second quarter of 2001

German Government and Utilities Sign Phase-Out Plan
WISE-Paris, 14 June 2001

Unprecedented leaks on fuel assemblies at Cattenom
WISE-Paris, 31 May 2001

The French " reprocessing ideology " splits a little more
Measuring the ever-increasing rift in France between industrial practices and the "total reprocessing" doctrine, a parliamentary report calls on the government to "end the current ambiguity" and proposes that practices be regulated within the framework of a law on the backend of the nuclear chain.
WISE-Paris, 22 May 2001

No parliamentary inquiry into "problems of application of the law" at La Hague
France's National Assembly has rejected a draft resolution to create a Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry to examine the practice of storage of nuclear materials at La Hague without authorization for their reprocessing.
WISE-Paris, 7 May 2001

First quarter of 2001

CRILAN request for injunction rejected on formal grounds
COGEMA wins a battle over the waste from Hanau/Germany
WISE-Paris, 21 March 2001

French Commission for Sustainable Development: "MOX option not an equitable one for future generations"
Notice published on 28 February 2001

Sensational Court Ruling
COGEMA Prohibited to Unload Australian Nuclear Fuel in France
WISE-Paris / Plutonium Investigation
Paris, 15 March 2001

Secret Shipments and Illegal Storage
The strange story of imported waste at la Hague
WISE-Paris, 8 March 2001

WISE-Paris/Plutonium Investigation uncovers " secret " shipments of German plutonium waste to La Hague
WISE-Paris, 15 February 2001

Jospin and Schröder agree to resume nuclear transport
Communiqué of 31/01/2001 from the Prime Minister's Office,
translated by WISE-Paris.

Final end of U.S. breeder research
Decision to shut FFTF at Hanford finalized; EBR-II sodium drained
David Lowry, WISE-Paris, 1 February 2001

Magrox : BNFL's plutonium fuel project abandoned
WISE-Paris, 30 January 2001

Nuclear waste ship banned from Argentinean waters
WISE-Paris, 30 January 2001

TEPCO admits referendum could kill MOX program
WISE-Paris, 29 January 2001
Green Action, Press release, 25 January 2001

Belgonucleaire hit by quality-control default suspicion
WISE-Paris, 19 January 2001 (modified 2 February 2001)
Green Action
, Press release, 16 January 2001

Final report of International MOX Assessment (IMA) is now available on the web
29 December 2000, CNIC/WISE-Paris

Fourth quarter of 2000

The Cezus affair: A flaw in the quality control of nuclear fuel
WISE-Paris, 20 December 2000
Download the full version of the Cezus affair (including annexes) in PDF,14 pages (225 Ko)

In the series "Reactor Myths"
UK Parliament debate
Official Report, The Hansard, 8 Nov 2000: Column 378

Jinzaburo Takagi - The Citizen Scientist is Gone
Jinzaburo Takagi died on 8 October 2000 in Tokyo.
By Mycle Schneider, Director of WISE-Paris, Chief Editor of Plutonium Investigation, October 2000

The Belgian Secretary of State for Energy accuses the nuclear lobby of 'sabotage on the Government's decision'.
Full press release sent out by the Belgian Secretary of State for Energy and Sustainable development on 12 October 2000

Head of EURATOM Safeguards pulls the alarm over budget cuts
WISE-Paris, 20 October 2000

Third quarter of 2000

MINATOM minister clears up some outstanding confusions
Threatens collapse of agreement if Western funding is not forthcoming
By David Lowry
WISE-Paris, 21 September 2000

Nuclear and renewable energies
Paul Flynn MP, Labour, has submitted a new Early Day Motion [EDM 1018] (non legislative) highlighting the huge subsidy given to BNFL for its plutonium MOX programm. (submitted 25 July 2000)

Russian plutonium politics hit by liability uncertainties
By David Lowry
WISE-Paris, 28 July 2000

COGEMA "Blackmails" French Safety Authorities Over Cadarache Issue
Commercial interests versus safety
WISE-Paris, 19 July 2000
Latest version of WISE-Paris briefing on Cadarache in English as PDF file
as of 21 August 2000

Largest plutonium inventory in the world gains 3 tonnes in 1999
UK Department of Trade and Industry limits access to national plutonium inventory figures.
Written Answers from the House of Commons, Ref. 596W, 13 June 2000
WISE-Paris, 10 July 2000

Second quarter of 2000

USA/Russia plutonium agreement
David Chaytor, MP, has put down a new "Early Day Motion" (EDM 887) in the UK House of Commons, to call upon the Government not to support the agreement and work on independent assessment of it (submitted 22 June 2000)

Decision to end reprocessing in Germany but action delayed
Agreement between the Federal Government and the Power Supply Companies of 14 June 2000. [Excerpt]
English translation by the German Government, 22 June 2000

UK Government "Concerned" about the US-Russian MOX Plan
From UK Parliament Question and Answer Session
Tuesday, 20 June 2000

The UK Minister for the Environment and La Hague Discharges
WISE-Paris, 19 June 2000

COGEMA enters plutonium immobilization cooperation with Australian company
ANSTO Press release, 8 June 2000
WISE-Paris, 13 June 2000

U.S. - Russia agreement on weapon-grade plutonium no longer required for defense purposes
WISE-Paris, 5 June 2000

DOE's decision to dispose of bomb-grade spent fuel hailed as a major non-proliferation victory
Nuclear Control Institute & Natural Resources Defense Council
Press release, 11 April 2000
WISE-Paris, 30 May 2000

Plutonium shipping container fails drop test in the US
WISE-Paris, 4 May 2000

New WISE-Paris Report Released: "Recycling of Nuclear Materials - Myths and Reality"
The full report in French -PDF file, 23 p., 266Ko, last modified 5 May 2000:
000505RecyclagePuU.pdf (in french - 23 p., 266 Ko)
WISE-Paris, 2 May 2000

The UK Government publishes BNFL's reprocessing client list
WISE-Paris, 25 April 2000

Further steps in nuclear openness
The UK Ministry of Defense published the following press release signalling in particular the release of a report on a historical review on the UK plutonium production.
14 April 2000

First quarter of 2000

UK Government Publishes Data on "Surplus" Weapons Plutonium
Official Report (HANSARD), 14 March 2000, columns 105-106
Surplus Nuclear Material

Nuclear safety and the future of BNFL
David Chaytor, MP, has put down a new "Early Day Motion" (EDM 539) in the UK House of Commons. The earlier one, EDM 323, now has 99 signatures. (submitted 15 March 2000)

British Nuclear Safety Authorities Admit Pressures to Privatize BNFL Undermine Safety Inspections
WISE-Paris, 10 March 2000

Belgian Government Questions the Quality-Control of La Hague Reprocessing Waste
WISE-Paris, 4 March 2000

Long-term nonproliferation program for Russia
Factsheet Released by the US DOE on the Plutonium Initiative with Russia, February 7, 2000

MITI press statement on meetings with british authorities : MITI requests now the return of the incriminated MOX to the UK
Tokyo, 10 February 2000

Proposal to the British Government for Pu Immobilisation and Re-Negotiation of THORP Reprocessing Contracts
Green Action's proposal to Anna Walker, Dir. Gal for Energy, DTI released on 7 February 2000 at MITI press conference in Tokyo

"Nuclear safety and the need for plutonium immobilisation alternatives"
An early day motion has been tabled in the UK House of Commons by 8 Members of Parliament about plutonium immobilisation as an alternative to MOX. It will be open for MPs to signuntil November 2000.
Motion of the UK House of Commons (submitted 25/01/2000)

The UK Government was informed by BNFL as early as 10 September 1999 of potential problems with the Japanese MOX fuel quality control
Written Answers in the UK House of Commons, 25th January 2000

Fourth quarter of 1999

The UK does not intend to return to foreign clients MOX production wastes ; UK Government Reply dated 11 November 1999 to a Question by MP Llew Smith
WISE-Paris, 17 November 1999

UK will keep Canadian reprocessing wastes
Parliamentary question and government answer (dated 5 November 1999)

Criticality accident at a uranium conversion facility at TOKAI-MURA, JAPAN
WISE-Paris, 18 October 1999

The City of Nepean aims to prohibit the shipment of MOX through its territory
WISE-Paris, 2 October 1999

Third quarter of 1999

North Bay, CANADA, Passes Resolution opposing MOX Fuels Shipments
27 September 1999

Open Letter to Birgitta Dahl, Speaker of the Swedish Parliament
By Mycle Schneider, Director of WISE-Paris, Paris, 7 July 1999

Second quarter of 1999

Largest plutonium inventory in the world gains 9 tonnes in 1998
WISE-Paris, 28 June 1999

International Appeal by ' Alternative Nobel ' Prizewinners for the Release of MORDECHAI VANUNU
Text of a RESOLUTION adopted by acclamation at a meeting celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the RIGHT LIVELIHOOD AWARD (Alternative Nobel Prize) in Salzburg, Austria, 1 June 1999

Stunning knowledge level of UK Minister on MOX shipment implications
From a question and answer session in the House of Commons on the issue of planned MOX shipments from Europe to Japan on 18 May 1999

UK MPs oppose potential EBRD financing for K2/R4
WISE-Paris, 22 April 1999

First quarter of 1999

Conclusions on reprocessing, plutonium and MOX
From the UK House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee Report published, 24 March 1999

Nuclear terrorism and the international transport of plutonium
WISE-Paris, 22 March 1999

Official Report (Hansard, column 570) - TRADE AND INDUSTRY
Minister's declaration on the shipment of MOX from Europe to Japan

Statement of German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder after the first round of the nuclear consensus talks, transmitted by the Press Office of the Chancellor on 26 January 1999
Translated by WISE-Paris, 27 January 1999

Future Shipments of MOX from the UK to Japan
WISE-Paris, 22 January 1999

Belgium: Scheduled End to Reprocessing and to MOX Use

WISE-Paris, 21 January 1999

Year 1998

IPPNW - Nobel Prize Winner in 1985 -Requests that Reprocessing Be Put to an End and Nuclear Power Plants Be Phased Out By the End of Their Current License Periods At Latest
WISE-Paris, 14 December 1998

COGEMA is Storing Illegally More than 100,000 m3 of Foreign Radioactive Waste on the French Territory
WISE-Paris, 29 October 1998

October 1998
Reprocessing Waste Generated at La Hague, per Country
(cubic meters, as of 1 March 1998)
WISE-Paris, October 1998

October 1998
The Phase Out of Nuclear Power
Excerpt of the Coalition Agreement between the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and the Green Party (Bündnis90/Die GRüNEN), Bonn, 20 October 1998
WISE-Paris, October 1998

EDF's Interim Storage Evaluation Team
WISE-Paris, 7 October 1998

"Controlled" Sodium Fire at Cadarache
WISE-Paris, 1 October 1998

September 1998
The Phenix Court Case Back on Lobby Track?
WISE-Paris, September 1998

Année 1998
Energy in France 2010 -2020

Année 1998
Four More French PWRs Licensed for MOX Use